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Quit sending countless updates and reminders through multiple communication channels that just get ignored. Centralize your ministry's info into one spot and make it easier for parents or students to get the answers they need!

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for all the latest info about your ministry

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All the info in one place

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information hub

The ChurchFlare app platform is your central hub of information for your group. No more sending people to different places to get the info about announcements or events that they need. Your group will always know where to go to find out what's going on.

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An app platform with all the tools you need to save time, communicate effectively, and automate tasks 👍

Save Time in admin areas

Update all your info in one spot

No need to go to different places to update info, make your app the central hub of information for your group, and the admin area is super simple! Check it out 👇

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Plan it out

Schedule Anything

Pick one day a week and schedule out all the info your group needs. Then let your app do the rest.

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Send info instantly

Push Notifications

Don't wait for them to open the app to see the info they need, send a push notification and ping them immediately.

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Make it fit you

Customizable Content Sections

We start you out with standard sections that most people use. If you need something different, you can change it.

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Central Hub

Make finding info super easy for your group by making your app the central hub

Save Time

With scheduling tools so you can plan when to send out information

Always Accessible

Keep the info they need with them at all times by being on their phones with one tap

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No Limits

Put in all the information you need, send as many notifications as you want!


ChurchFlare App

  • Send unlimited push notifications
  • Customize sections to fit the needs of your group
  • Schedule posts and notifications
  • Fill in the blank notes
  • Embed videos
  • Link to external resources
$30 per month
1 month free trial
- No contract
- No Setup fee
- Not based on size of group
- Just insane...
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